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Natural, unique, fire resistant, ecological, cost effective in long term period

Stone for Interiors

Stone for interiors in our offer is available in several types and processing methods. For your interior, natural stone is the best choice for enduring beauty and quality.
No matter whether you are working on a new interior or renovating existing, natural stone offers you unparalleled beauty and uniqueness and adds the best value to your home. The stone is natural and has no two identical pieces, which means that each is unique and that each interior is thus recognizable and unique.

Stone for Interiors - Advantages

One of the greatest advantages of Stone for Interiors is durability determined by physical and mechanical properties, such as high compressive strength and abrasion resistance, freezing, impact of atmosphere, fire resistance etc.
If the interior stone is properly set up and maintained, it can last for decades or more.
The natural stone interior is an excellent insulator, with its installation the cooling and heating costs are reduced to a minimum. Also, with good windows and doors, it’s the best sound isolator.

Ecological Acceptability
  • completely natural
  • inert
  • Environmentally friendly material that does not require any additional chemicals or coatings
  • lasts for years
Interior Stone is more cost-effective than other materials in the long run

Sounds weird but true – natural stone for interiors is long-term period cheaper than any other material. Initially natural stone costs more than ceramic tiles but its maintenance requires minimal cost of time and money.


stone for interiors

PLANO stone – G20 summit arena China

stone for interiors

DIOKLES stune – interior in Tučepi near Makarska

stone for interiors

AVORIO stone – office in Santiago de Chile

stone for interiors

AVORIO stone – South Korea

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