Stone distribution & processing

Architectural-building stone is the best choice for enduring beauty and functionality.

Architectural-building stone distribudion

Architectural-building stone distribution, quarrying and processing we gather at all. Thanks to our dedicated work, we become one of the leading export-oriented companies in Croatia.

The stone in the building and architecture, throughout the time, ensures its unavoidable place in public institutions, homes and many public areas.
With regard to artificial and industrial materials, the superiority of natural stone is reflected in several details:

  • can be three-dimensional and used as a material for making columns, fences, jambs, sculptures and even furniture.
  • The retention effect of natural appearance fits well into the environment

There are also our two stone processing plants in Plano and at the island of Brač, where we produce final products following customer’s needs.

Architectural-building stones

brački kamen za fasade

Brač stone

Architectural- building stone from island of Brač is widely known for its quality.
In our offer you can find:

  • St Peter
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kamen plano

PLANO architectual-building stone

PLANO stone is characterized by its attractive white color.
In our offer you can find:

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silit fasada

Silit architectual-building stone

Silit stone is known for its exceptional technical characteristics and is recommended for public surfaces.

  • APPARENT WEIGHT:2,69 g/cbm
  • ABSORPTION:0,20%
  • POROSITY:0,70%
  • ABRASION RESISTANCE:23,5g3/50cm2
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Dolit stone is a valued stone and known for its excellent technical characteristics, which makes it suitable for various public areas; squares, hotels, churches

Architectural-building stone proccesing

stone processing plant ADRIAKAMEN

Stone processing plant SPREGA KAMEN

Stone proccesing plant SPREGA KAMEN is located in PLANO near our two quarries ADRIAKAMEN and PLANO LITHOS. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the road leading to the A1 motorway, providing exceptional logistic opportunities and saving time and money.

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stone processing plant KAVADUR

Stone processing plant Kavadur

Stone proccesing plant KAVADUR is located in Donji Humac on the island of Brač near our two quarries AVORIO and PAŠARIN. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the road that leads to the ferry dock which facilitates further distribution.

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